Governor John Bel Edwards is beginning the process of putting together the management board that will oversee operation of University Health in Shreveport. State Senator Greg Tarver has sent the Governor several letters expressing his concerns.


Steve Skrivanos issued this statement in response to the Tarver letter:

BRF representation on the eight-person hospital governing board would bring historical perspective of system operations and a wealth of community insight that is important for a successful transition. This will ensure to our 3,200 employees and to the 500,000 patients that we see each year that the improvements we have instituted over the last five years will continue. The makeup of the advisory boards in Shreveport and Monroe has yet to be determined.

University Health
Dennis Foley

Tarver also sent the Governor a follow-up letter about the management of the local public hospital.


Senator Tarver also has concerns about how the hospitals in Monroe and Shreveport are funded. He says there are major differences in the two hospitals and how many people they serve.


KEEL News has reached out to the Governor to talk about this debate and got this response from his spokesperson:"We are in the middle of negotiations and will be happy to discuss once the agreement is finalized."


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