American Ground Radio's Louis Avallone makes the case that Shreveport Mayor's Adrian Perkins recent mask mandate exceeds his authority as the city's chief executive.

Avallone, who co-host the American Ground radio program, notes that Mayor Perkins cites a Louisiana statute that he (Perkins) says gives him the authority for the mask rule, but Avallone also argues that the state law does not give the Mayor the authority to define a crime - in this case, not wearing a mask - or impose penalties. Mayor Perkins has stated that Shreveport businesses not enforcing mask wearing in their establishments risk being close by the city, having water service turned off or, in the case of bars and / or restaurants, losing a business or liquor license.

"This is not about whether the wearing of a mask is good or bad," Avallone says, "It's not even about whether it's a minor inconvenience. It's about whether the assertion of power by an elected official, like our mayor, can compel you to wear a mask and that not wearing a mask violates the law."

"it seems very clear," he continues," That what Mayor Perkins has done - not to overstate - he has essentially created a crime. He's employed the Shreveport Police Department to enforce his mask mandate.So, with respect to due process,...who decides if your water will be cut off, or your business will be closed? Will there be warnings? Will the enforcement be immediate?"

"This is a violation of our State Constitution, it's a violation of our United States Constitution and Mayor Perkins simply does no have the right to do what he is intending to do with this mask mandate."


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