Bad news for travelers over the weekend. American Airlines canceled more than 800 flights on Sunday. Over the entire weekend, more than 1700 flights were canceled. The airline has been dealing with weather issues and staffing problems. American COO David Seymore says the airline was proactively canceling flights in an effort to minimize inconvenience to customers. Most travelers were rebooked on the same day.

Things were very hectic at DFW in Dallas.

One of the primary reasons for these travel problems is that more and more people are traveling again since the pandemic is easing a bit. The demand for flights has been going up each month, but the airlines are struggling to find enough staff to meet the demand.

Staff cuts were made during the height of the pandemic and it has been difficult to get all of those workers back. Most of the canceled flights were coming to and from the American hub airport at Dallas/Fort Worth and in Charlotte, N.C.

American is expecting more than 1800 flight attendants to return from leave in November and the company is adding 600 more flight attendants for the holiday travel season.


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