If things look muggy out there today, you might be able to attribute it to a dust cloud that is approaching the state.

Saharan dust is expected to impact air quality across much of Louisiana.  DEQ has issued air quality warnings and a call for an Action Day as a cloud of dust descends on Texas and the Bayou State. Officials from Barksdale issued this warning:



Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality Forecaster Patrick Zahn says the dust is being carried in the wind from the Sahara Desert nearly 5,000 miles away. The dust is not thick enough across the Gulf of Mexico for satellites to pick up, but with persistent winds out of the southeast, the amount of dust in the air is expected to increase.

The Saharan dust will likely stick around until the winds or wind direction change, or we see a significant amount of rain.

The air quality warning runs through Thursday.

More information on the air quality for our area can be found on airquality.deq.louisiana.gov.


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