Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright about Tuesday's meeting in Baton Rouge to discuss the future of the death penalty in the state. The hearing, held before a state legislative panel, was held to investigate why Louisiana allegedly has delayed the executions of a number of death row inmates, including Shreveport serial killer Nathaniel Code and others.

Details on the hearing from theadvocate.com:

State legislators took a deep dive Tuesday into Louisiana’s stalled death penalty system, but it’s unclear what – if any – legislation may come out of the nearly five-hour Capitol hearing.

Much of Tuesday’s hearing, which was administered in part by Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office, centered on complaints about the death penalty being put on hold in Louisiana and how the state might move forward with administering capital punishment.

Landry goes so far as to blame Governor John Bel Edwards for the delays. "He's intellectually dishonest with the citizens of Louisiana," says the Attorney general, "And he's being dishonest with victims families." Landry says he and his office have repeatedly presented to Edwards plans to reinstitute executions in the state "that are well within the law." Landry says the Governor is "hiding behind" court rulings and will not directly answer whether he supports the death penalty.

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