Yankees Hiroki Kuroda Krushes The Rangers Hearts
Coming into this season, if you asked New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi if pitcher Hiroki Kuroda would be the most effective pitcher on his staff, he along with all of the Yankees fans would've laughed at you.
Well, no one should be all too surprised. He was just as effective his whole career…
Angels Send Rangers To Satan
After Monday's crushing loss to the LA Angels of Anaheim, the Rangers were searching for blood, specifically the blood of the Angels most productive hitters.
Tuesday's game was not any better.
Athletics Walk Off A Winner
The Texas Rangers and Oakland Athletics decided to wait until the absolute last minute to finish the game!
If you blinked, you most likely missed they walk off homer that was hit to end the game.
Rangers Win 2 Out Of 3 In Seattle
After getting a close victory inside Seattle's Safeco Field, and a blowout loss on Saturday, the Rangers were looking to make their grueling West Coast road trip much happier.
Behind Scott Feldman, the Rangers got what they wanted.
Rangers End 1st Half On A Great Note!
After losing Friday's game to the visiting Minnesota Twins, the Rangers were able to find their bats, and win the next two games.
After going on a stretch where their offense was non-existent, the Rangers go into the All-Star break with hot bats!
Chicago Sox The Rangers
If you weren't around a television Tuesday night, you were saved from watching a unglorious beatdown the Rangers were served courtesy of the Chicago White Sox.
I'm not lying when I say this game was ugly.
Rangers Double Up Rox
In their final interleague game of the season (hopefully will play more interleague games in the World Series), the Rangers go out in their winning style.