Senator David Vitter has announced he is running for Governor of Louisiana.

The Republican sent an email to supporters saying he is seeking the state's highest office.

It had been rumored for months Vitter would run for governor.  In previous conversations with 710 KEEL, Sen. Vitter said he was going to use the holidays to talk the decision over with his wife, family, and friends.

Even political colleagues like Congressman John Fleming figured the Republican would seek the governor's office, well before the senator had made his decision public.

In prior discussions, Vitter told 710 KEEL the decision between running for governor or staying in the senate would depend on where he could make the biggest difference for his constituents.

Vitter is considered the favorite for the governor's race.  Only Democrat John Bel Edwards has announced a run for the state's top political seat.  Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne and State Treasurer John Kennedy have both said they are interested in running for governor.

Kennedy has said a Vitter run for governor would not affect his decision-making process.

Here is the email he sent to supporters:

Since you are such a long-time friend, I wanted you to be among the first to know, directly from me. After much thought, prayer, and discussion with Wendy and our children, I've decided to run for Governor of Louisiana in 2015.

Let me first assure you, this decision will in no way limit the critical work I'm doing today in the U.S. Senate. Representing you and your family will continue to be my top priority.
But I believe that as our next Governor, I can have a bigger impact addressing the unique challenges and opportunities we face in Louisiana . . . helping us truly reach our full potential.

We'll do this by building excellence in K-12 and higher education, offering every child in Louisiana the skills to compete effectively and achieve his or her dreams. We'll do it by making Louisiana more attractive to vibrant businesses, growing the good-paying jobs we need today and tomorrow. We'll do it by reforming taxes and spending, spurring economic growth and creating budget stability.

And through it all, we'll do it by fighting political corruption and demanding government reform and accountability. That's a battle I've long waged. The difference is I'll have so many more tools as Governor to do things right and protect taxpayer dollars.
Although an active campaign is still a year away, I'll start preparing for it immediately by doing what I've always done, including as our U.S. Senator. That's listening to you, knowing that I sure don't have all the answers.

I've held over 342 in-person town hall meetings, 128 telephone town halls, and countless other meetings in every parish of our state. I'll continue those travels starting tomorrow, listening directly to Louisiana families about what most concerns them.
And then, after Listening and Learning, I will LEAD. Because I'm running to take on the important issues and make the hard decisions, not to avoid them or play politics with them.

This will be my last political job, elected or appointed, period. So my only agenda will be to do what's best for all Louisianians, from our best and brightest to our most vulnerable.

Wendy and I value your friendship, support, and prayers so much. Please continue to bless us with those gifts.

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Sen. Vitter Talks About Potential Gubernatorial Race