Senator David Vitter is still mulling over a decision whether he wants to run for governor or keep his senate seat.

"I don't care about one title or the other," Vitter told KEEL Morning News.  "To me, and also to [my wife] Wendy, the biggest question is how to make the biggest positive impact."

The Republican politician said he will be talking to his family, friends, and supporters about what is the best option for him.

"I mean there'd be pros and cons to the change of my personal schedule," Vitter stated.  "It'd be nice not getting on a plane twice a week, but it wouldn't be nice losing some amount of freedom for our family."

Vitter told 710 KEEL his only focus is on determining what is the best way to serve the community.

"No matter what, I'm going to be super focused on doing my job everyday," responded Vitter when asked about other factors in making a decision on the governor's race.  "I think I have the discipline and focus to do that, whether I decide pass or go on the governor's race and I have very, very determined about that."

The senator also said he's not looking at anything like the 2014 senate race in determining what's best for him.

"Most of that stuff is clutter in terms of this to this core decision so I just try to push it to the side and focus on the core decision," Vitter said.

Senator Vitter said he expects to make a decision in January, although Congressman John Fleming thinks Vitter is very close to announcing he's running for Louisiana's top political office.