Gasoline prices have been falling across the country and here in the Ark-la-tex, prices are nearing $3.00 per gallon.  

Driving across the region and even into East Texas you can see prices fluctuate from a high as $3.30 in some areas to as low as $2.91 in some parts of East Texas.  What causes these fluctuations?

AAA's Don Redman says it's mostly taxes

"A lot of it has to do with tax structure.  It could be relative to location, value of property, their taxes, their property taxes, other types of taxes," explained Redman.

The biggest difference state-to-state is fuel taxes imposed by the state.  But on a town-to-town or even street-to-street level, property taxes and business operations costs can be a big player in how much you pay at the pump.

"So does location as far as maybe its the last service station for a great distance," Redman explained to 710 KEEL.  Examples like that may be being on a road where service stations are far and few between.

Where have you seen cheap gas prices?  Any you think are the highest?