Gasoline prices may not be too bad this summer for those looking to take a road trip with the family, on a motorcycle, or that sports car dying for some attention.

AAA Spokesman Don Redman says gas prices look to remain steady for this summer.

"Last year, heading into June and July, we were considerably cheaper," Redman explain.  "We had finished April of last year at our high of $3.73 on average.  By July, our average had dropped to $3.11."

If the same pattern shows through this year, we could definitely see prices settle down into the same range.

"If the forecast is correct, we could see a significant break in the pumps early this summer," noted the AAA spokesman.  He says it is tough to forecast it accurately because prices of fuel and oil are heavily driven by the news of the day.

However, he notes that hurricanes or a conflict in the Middle East could cause prices to change course and head more upstream.

Today, the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline in Shreveport-Bossier will cost about $3.29.  It's a penny less than yesterday, three cents less than a week ago, and a penny less than a month ago.  Last year, we were paying $3.37 per gallon.

In Texarkana, drivers in Arkansas are paying about $3.32 per gallon on average, down five cents from yesterday, a nickel from a week ago, and about a penny more than a month ago.  Last year, Arkansas-side drivers were paying about the same as today.

Texas-side drivers are paying $3.35 on average for a gallon of gasoline.  Insignificant change from yesterday, a nickel less than last week, but a dime more than last month.  Texarkana, Texas, drivers paid about $3.39 on average last year for a gallon of regular fuel.