LSU Shreveport students are feeding the poor and clothing the homeless in the form of big money donations. Friday, students from several clubs presented the Downtown Rescue Mission with a $10,000 check.

Student Charles Razon speaking for the students, thanked them for working so hard to bring in the money. The donation was the proceeds from the 5th Annual 'Black Tie, or Not' Benefit Ball that was held in March.

So far, the students from the Rotoract Club, the LEAD Club and the Accounting Club have raised a total of $50,000 for the Rescue Mission since they began their fund raising project five years ago.
A giant check made out to the Downtown Rescue Mission for $10,000 for LSU-S was presented Friday on the campus at the "Circle of Excellence" to commemorate the moment. The real check was presented in an envelope a short time later.
A spokesman for the Mission was grateful for the funds, saying the LSU Shreveport students have probably raised more money for charity than any other college in the area. He even challenged other schools to get behind a fund raising project to help a charity.

Razon said the LSU students he's worked with on this project have proven their character and leadership in ways that will stay with them for a lifetime.