A friend of mine tells a story of what she witnessed in Bossier City this week. It got me thinking about how many people would have stopped to help.

Alex Brandon/Getty Images
Alex Brandon/Getty Images

Here's how she describes what happened:

Today I was sitting behind four trucks at Hamilton Road and Barksdale Blvd waiting for the light to change. When the light turned green and the traffic did not move I saw a small figure move. It was a very elderly man with one leg, holding groceries with one hand and trying to push his manual wheelchair with his other hand.

I realized no one was going to get out of their truck to help him get through the light. As I began trying to get across the lane next to me and park I realized he had gotten through one lane and the trucks were just speeding by him. My heart breaking, I just kept thinking.

What kind of world do we live in? Why won't any of those guys get out and push him across the street? I got my car to the side of the street and was getting out thinking “will I be able to push him in these heels , well I will try or we will both get ran over.



At that moment an angel in a red truck stopped his truck on Barksdale Blvd, ran across the street and began pushing him all the remaining way and continued to push him down the sidewalk. It was then I saw the AMERICAN FLAG on the man's wheelchair.

I do not know who the older man was who stopped and pushed the wheelchair but all I saw was an Angel. My heart has hurting all day thinking that not one other man got out of their truck to help this elderly man. For the grace of God there goes one of us. I know one person who should sleep good tonight. Who ever you are Thank You.

I want to thank my friend Sandy for telling this story.  It makes me think about all of my great friends who I know would have been just like Sandy and jumped out of their cars to help this man.

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