Erin McCarty and I came down on opposite sides of the fence Monday morning when discussing the incredible deals being made available by cruise lines in reaction to Coronavirus fears.

Erin, expressing concerns of "being quarantined and stuck on a boat for two weeks," was adamant in her no-cruise-for-me position. I, on the other hand, seeing some of the great deals currently available out of both New Orleans and Galveston, am considering altering my usual Spring trip to the Big Easy to a 5-day jaunt into the Caribbean.

Why so little concern on my part? Well, first of all, a small bit of precaution (washing hands, being careful to keep fingers out of your eyes, nose or mouth) will drastically reduce your chance of infection. The, I remember the words of Dr. Martha Whyte, Regional Medical Director with the Louisiana Department of Health, who said on KEEL, "The vast majority of people who contract the virus will suffer symptoms no worse than a bad cold."

So, let us know! Take the poll? How does a week in a suite on a cruise ship for a couple hundred bucks sound to you? Awesome...or scary?

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