Political analyst Royal Alexander analyst talks about the upcoming certification of the Electoral College results by both houses of the US Congress.

Alexander begins by explaining that an unprecedented of Senators and House member will object to the certification when the Congress votes on Wednesday.

"What we're talking about...is members of the House and the Senate objecting when electoral votes are read, when the certificates reflecting how electors in each state voted," Alexander says, adding that there is historical precedence for the objection, stemming from the 1968 and 2004 Presidential elections, but nothing like the well over a hundred lawmakers who will protest on Wednesday.

"I don't expect the majority in both houses to accept the objections. I think the objections will fail."

So, are President Trump's chances to have questionable vote counts in a number of swing states overturned all but dead? Alexander says that the Vice-President's role as Senate President isn't completely clear and he could possibly refuse to accept the Electoral College results from those states.

"So, what could Pence do?" Alexander posits, "He could say that he's not going to recognize the fraudulent ballots, taking away an Electoral College majority, therefore sending the decision to the House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, VP Pence last week addressed the possibility of of rejecting the Senate's certification of the election, saying it was, in his opinion, not his role as Senate president "to scrutinize the outcome" of the Senate vote.


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