To say that the Donald Trump / Mike Pence administration is controversial would be one of the biggest understatements ever made.  Everywhere they go, big news follows - and it looks like this spectacle is coming to the Bayou State.

US News is reporting that Mike Pence will be visiting Louisiana to talk about some of the issues the White House is focusing on.  When he arrives in Baton Rouge later today, he will be meeting with local business owners to have a conversation about health care, jobs and the economy.  After that, he will be delivering a speech in Port Allen at Cajun Industries.  He won't be travelling alone, in addition to the regular security detail of secret service, he will also be accompanied by members of the state congressional delegation and Seema Verma, who is the Trump Adminstration's  head of Medicare and Medicaid.

This will be an especially important visit when you consider that the New York Times is reporting that proposed cuts to the Medicare / Medicaid system total more than $800 billion.

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