Chris Giordano from the Louisiana State Fair talks about how the COVID 19 rules and limitations have affected the fair and whether, with current limitations in p-lace, whether the fair will take place as scheduled.

Midway - State Fair of Louisiana
Midway - State Fair of Louisiana

In discussing that particular question - will the State Fair of Louisiana happen in October - Giordano says, "In a nutshell, we don't know. The State Fair is governed by a board of directors and, more specifically, an executive committee...that consists of our officers and a few others and we're going to have to sit down and make decisions. But, right now, in my opinion, and this is after speaking primarily to (State Fire Marshall) Chief Butch Browning, who is one of the parties who is responsible for writing the guidelines for the governor...he is optimistic. He is trying to get fairs and festivals included in Phase III reopenings. That's going to be the key. If we can get to Phase III.

Giordano also addresses the possibility that, because of state guidelines, the Fair may open later in the year, possibly in Spring of 2021 or in some abbreviated form, Browning says, "If we have the gracious opportunity to open in may not be the same fair that everyone is accustomed to, we may have to cut some programs that everyone is accustomed to, but if we get that opportunity, well, we'll be ready to make it happen."

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