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Snow and Shreveport don't mix well. Over the last 5 years, the city has witnessed the absolute havoc snowfall can bring to the community. Just small amounts can bring the city to its knees quickly.

However, the city does look pretty amazing with snow on the ground. There are a lot of people who actually enjoy it when there's snow on the ground in the area. But most people, they're not in that boat...or on that sled.

TSM Photo
TSM Photo

Whether its because you're excited for snow, or afraid of it, Shreveport residents are always curious about it. If there's a threat for snow, that's all anyone wants to talk about. So its always a good idea to keep an eye out.

Now we're months away from the earliest snowfall we have seen over the last 7 years, but 2022 has already been a prolific year for snowfall in Shreveport. Which means we should keep that in mind as we roll into the winter months. Here are the stats we looked at, dating back to January of 2015, from Weather Underground (we used Shreveport Regional Airport as our location on the site):

- The earliest snowfall in Shreveport during a winter season (since the start of 2015) was November 13th and November 14th, which happened in 2018

- 2021 is tied for the most days with snowfall since 2015, with 5 days of snow (Jan 10 &11, Feb 14, 15, & 17). The year its tied with is actually this year, 2022. So far we've seen snow on Jan 15 & 16, as well as Feb 3, 4, & 26. So one more snow day in 2022 and it will be the snowiest since 2015

- There were no days with recorded snow at Shreveport Regional Airport in all of 2019 and 2020 (2017 was also snow-less)

- 2015, 2018, 2021, and 2022 all featured multiple days of snowfall

- The latest into a winter season we saw snow was March 5th, 2015

Will Shreveport see snow this winter? It's of course possible. With 5 days of snow in both 2022 (so far) and 2021, it seems like we're trending towards more active winter seasons. But we might have to wait until the start of 2023 to see some Shreveport snow this winter season.

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