There is some concern about the staffing of school resource officer positions at schools across Caddo Parish. Many of the schools use Shreveport police officers, but that could be changing.

Shreveport police desperately need more officers on the streets fighting crime and there's been some talk about not providing on-duty officers at local schools. But this does not mean officers will not be working at the schools. The talk right now is about who will pay for the service. Right now, Shreveport pays for the officers at 4 Caddo high schools. The school board pays for the officers at all elementary and middle schools.

But the question centers on whether or not these officers will be on duty. The plan being discussed would use officers during their off-hours at local schools. The school board would then pick up the cost. The Caddo Sheriff's Office provides deputies at several high schools, but the sheriff pays the deputies.

The 4 officers at Shreveport high schools will cost the Caddo School Board $156,000 dollars a year.  Those officers are currently assigned at Caddo Parish Magnet High School, Huntington High School, Captain Shreve High School, and Booker T. Washington High School.

The sheriff provides SRO's at the other public high schools in Caddo Parish.

Caddo sent this statement to KEEL:

Caddo is committed to ensuring the safety of all students and staff and maintaining a law enforcement presence. In recent years, the district has increased the role law enforcement plays in our schools and Caddo currently has Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies and Shreveport Police Department officers on all district campuses. This is achieved through a combination of partnerships with CPSO, SPD and off-duty law enforcement officers.

As the City works to provide law enforcement officer coverage across their jurisdiction, one scenario has included a possible option in which the four school resource officers currently stationed at district high schools through SPD would move back into a patrol officer position within the community.


The city and and the school system are currently working on a new agreement.

The statement also adds:

Caddo Parish Public Schools share the belief that each school benefits from having a law enforcement officer on campus. If the City were no longer able to provide a school resource officer in a permanent assignment, other options would be considered to ensure coverage at all sites. This could include hiring off-duty police as is the case at schools across the district or partnering with another agency to provide the service.

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