Shreveport Councilwoman LeVette Fuller talks about the upcoming council vote on a pay raise for the city's police and firemen.

The raise for the first responders was tabled a number of times by the council as details on how to pay for the increase had to be worked out.

Fuller, whose original plan had called for a greater increase than the seemingly agreed to 4%, still voices reservations about the compromise. "I think everyone thinks they've got the votes to do what they need to do and they expect it to pass unanimously. I see no reason to put up some monumental amount of resistance, but I also think that it's going to take a lot of hope that it actually does what we need it to do.

"I hope no one thinks that we can go from here, where we still don't have a revenue source, we're using CARES (non-recurring federal) money to pay for the overtime, on top of the thirty positions we're still going to lose and we still haven't done enough to achieve...our original goal."

It is anticipated that the council will vote to pass both the raise for Shreveport police officers and firemen when they meet on December 8. As mentioned by Fuller, the SPD raise will come from the elimination of 30 unfilled SPD positions. The SFD raise will be funded by a reallocation of the city's EMS fees.


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