Even with New York being as populated as it is, you rarely hear about them having severe air pollution issues, or even major air quality issues.  But this past week, New Yorkers have been dealing with orange air conditions as heavy smoke from the Canadian wildfires moves across the northeast.

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But it isn't just New York.  Much of the northeast section of the country, as far west as Omaha, Nebraska and Minneapolis, Minnesota, to as far east well into the Atlantic ocean. But computer models show the smoke moving as far southwest as Shreveport, and even into Dallas, Texas.



A check on the National Weather Service website states:

Wildfire smoke moving southward out of Canada and over the northern part of the country has triggered Air Quality Alerts over parts of the Great Lakes/Ohio Valley to the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. The air quality will be decreasing over Alabama and Georgia on Thursday.


As the smoke continues to choke millions in the northeast, it is also causing problems with school activities and transportation, including air travel delays.  According to Fox Weather:

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said reduced visibility from wildfire smoke would continue to impact air travel Thursday. Aviation officials said they would likely need to take steps to manage the flow of traffic safely into New York City, Washington, Philadelphia and Charlotte, North Carolina.


Even major league baseball has been affected as the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankess have had to postpone games due to the heavy smoke conditions.

Here in the deep south, we probably won't need to get out any old COVID masks to deal with the smoke, but we might see a light remnant of the smoke make its way this far south.

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