If you've watched Fox News lately or visited the Washington Times, you know about the Department of Justice secretly collecting and seizing phone records from the Associated Press and possibly its reporters.

Why are the AP Scandal, Benghazi Cover-Up and IRS Scandal stories the big stories on on certain news outlets but hardly anywhere else?

Because other news organizations are doing what they always do: covering up what they don't want you to know. They distract you from the real news you should know about like Benghazi, the IRS Scandal and the Associated Press story and make their big headlines celebrity stories about people like Angelina Jolie, Barbara Walters and O.J. Simpson.

The Associated Press Scandal should make the news media furious, but it hasn't. This is an abuse of power and tampers with their freedom to report stories.

According to the Washington Times, "The news media is doing what it does best, covering for the administration and reporting on the heroic deeds of celebrities."

They truly say it best:

This is the result of journalism’s self-inflicted malpractice and malfeasance. News gatherers and their entertainment counterparts on television became this administration’s lap dancers. They gave up their watchdog status to get access. They kept the blush on the rose and gilded the lily of this administration. President Obama and his bungling bureaucrats could do no wrong. They gladly and gleefully report what they are told to report. They only ask questions they are told to ask. They copy or cut and paste what ever they are given. If they do not, they will not be invited to all the cool events. Their only concern is pleasuring the administration. President Obama is their president. To paraphrase Shelley, President Obama is the Adam of their labors; their Adam is a fallen angel, turning on them. The news media, fearful of their creation, does not know what to do.

They added:

A letter was sent by Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and signed by several major news organizations. They were too cowardly to publicly bash Eric Holder and the Department of Justice in their headlines and editorial pages. So, they write him a letter. They may as well write themselves a letter.

According to Fox News:

Congressional Republicans -- as well as some Democrats -- are putting the screws to the Obama administration as they investigate a rash of potential scandals, lining up hearings and inquiries as top leaders suggest jail time for the worst offenders.

The media is willingly becoming incompetent to protect President Obama, who will not need abuse of governmental power by the government to keep reporters from reporting the real news because the reporters are failing to do their job on their own!

Danny Fox is the webmaster at Townsquare Media in Shreveport and on-air talent on some of the stations. Danny has been writing and publishing content on the internet since 2001.

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