Any time a major election cycle rolls around, we always hear about the "uninformed voter". The person that will vote "yes" or "no" on stuff even though they have no idea what they're voting on. The person that will vote for a candidate just because they recognize the name or think that a candidate is cute or handsome. We hear about these folks all the time. Republicans say the majority of Democrats are uninformed. Democrats say its Republicans that should be wearing 'dunce' caps. It's all a bit mad, really.

And its ALWAYS the other guy! You never see a Republican or Democrat raise their hand and say, "You know...if the people in my party were smarter, we wouldn't be in this mess." They always claim the other guy's policies are the reason *insert location or thing* sucks. It is absolutely fascinating to me.

Just to make my case, and to make things a bit local, we're going to talk about Caddo Commissioner Steven Jackson and the proposed Cross Bayou project for a bit. Recently, Commissioner Jackson said that the Caddo Commission should do their homework, talk to GDC (the folks proposing this massive 10 year, 1 billion dollar project) and see what they want and if they're for real. Jackson's point was that if the Commission wants to do public justice, they should investigate any possible opportunity to bring in jobs and see if it could truly help the community.

Now, you take Steven's statement and then look at the public's reaction to them...and it is absolutely crazy. One Facebook comment said, and this is a direct quote, "and we have to add a tax to pick up garbage?? INSANE!!". That person couldn't be more wrong. First and foremost, trash pick up is a city issue and has absolutely nothing to do with the Caddo Commission. Secondly, Jackson didn't say they were going to fund the project, in part or as a whole, just that they should talk to GDC and see what they have to say.

And that is just one example of uninformed voters in our local area. There are tons of other comments on this issue blaming Steven's support (which he's not supporting or endorsing) of the project on him being a Democrat. There are also questions about why the Commission is using the money to support this project (which, I reiterate, they're not at this point) instead of fixing city streets (again, not the Caddo Commission's problem), etc..

And that's just one local example. If you look around, people hate (or support) politicians and issues for things that don't actually exist. Party doesn't factor into this whatsoever. You have tons of people who completely miss the ball on both sides of the aisle and these people are voting for people and things that affect all of us. Democrats always blame Republicans for the world's problems. Republicans always blame the Democrats. The reality is that its the uninformed that are screwing up the works.

I'm not saying you should vote Democrat. I'm not saying you should vote republican. I'm not telling you how to feel or think. I'm just telling you to think and educate yourself before making yourself foolish publicly or voting for something (or someone) that can really screw us all up.

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