Mayor Adrian Perkins wants to ask you to support a bond package to pay for critical needs in our community. At the July 13th meeting, Perkins will ask the Shreveport City Council to move this proposal forward and put the proposals on the ballot in November.
The mayor has not given specific details about what propositions will be included in this bond proposal. He says listening sessions are still being held across the city. But, Perkins says we have critical infrastructure needs and public safety needs. He did say this will be a multi-proposition bond plan. The price tag is expected to be close to the $200 million dollar mark.

Perkins says:

This has to be a collective effort between government and citizens to make sure we get what we need out of this bond. But it is unequivocal that we 100% need to invest in our city, public safety, infrastructure, technology, you name it.

The mayor says he is optimistic this time will be successful. He says the February storms shined a bright light on many of our infrastructure problems. He also says council members now realize this must be a unified effort. Council Chairman James Flurry also joined the mayor to announce the plan for the bond election. He says it is critical that we address critical needs in our community.

Shreveport is on the receiving end of nearly $70 million dollars in federal money for Covid relief and CARES Act dollars.

Perkins does plan to get more specific about the bond proposals before he asks the council to vote on his package next month. If the council approves it, the bond items will be on the November 13th ballot. Perkins did say you could see as many as 6 separate proposals to give residents more choices on what they want funded.

He is hosting more listening sessions around town to hear the public's views. The next one is at 6pm on Thursday June 10 at the Southern Hills Community Center.

If you can not make it to one of these listening sessions, you are encouraged to click here to take the survey. It's quick and is simply a ranking of the top 4 items. Here's what the survey looks like:



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