We could find out in the next few days who will be the newest member on the Shreveport City Council to represent District E.

December 13 was the deadline for the Shreveport City Council to name an interim council member to represent southwest Shreveport. Councilman James Flurry resigned the seat last month when he moved out of the district.


9 candidates applied to the Council to serve, but the council deadlocked on two nominees Matt Kay, a Republican and Independent Durwood Hendricks. They could not break the 3-3 tie and adjourned the meeting and notified the Governor he would have to name a new council member.

State Senator Greg Tarver tells KEEL News the Governor did call him and ask him to submit a name for consideration. Tarver says he has asked the Governor to appoint local businesswoman Nell Shehee to the post. She is the daughter of the late Virginia Shehee who was a longtime civic leader and state senator.

We also reached out to the Governor's Office to find out what the timeline is for making the appointment. We are awaiting a response. Once the Governor names his choice, that person will be sworn in and become a voting member of the council representing southwest Shreveport until the election next fall.

If Shehee is the choice, it will be interesting to watch how she votes on many of the critical issues facing the city. We still have no decision on the future of recycling. Redrawing the council lines will also be a key issue during first half of the year.

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