The annual Great American Cleanup is coming Saturday, That, of course, is the yearly effort where community-minded citizens volunteer to clean up their cities and towns. This year the city of Shreveport again joins with Shreveport Green in sponsoring this massive project. And, as always, hundreds of folks are expected to pitch in to help.

But wait a second! Isn't this something the city should already be taking care of? After all, massive amounts of tax dollars are already being spent to a pay city workers and equipment to do the job. Isn't this government asking it's citizens to do the job it's incapable of doing? What if there was The Great American Garbage Day, where folks in Shreveport (and elsewhere) were asked to volunteer to get rid of their own garbage...or the garbage of their neighbors?

Not the same thing, says KEEL's Erin McCarty. It's people banding together to make our communities a better place and teaching children that we, the individuals, are responsible for the places we live.

And what did KEEL listeners think about the debate? Well, a number weighed in...and passionately, at that.

"My wife and I walk frequently around Bayou Pierre. Every other week or so, for many years, we carry garbage bags and pick up trash along the path...because it is our neighborhood! Yes, we talk about people being pigs and dream of waving our magic wand to make it end up in their bed tenfold, but since we can't do anything about that, we do what we can...we clean up...because it is our neighborhood!"

"This should be covered by city taxes we pay."

"Volunteer clean-up is needed because there are slobs around who throw their garbage out the car window, etc. If everyone was responsible enough to dispose of their own garbage properly, there would be no need for this clean-up effort."

"In regards to the Great American Clean up...I think it's really important for people to get involved with their community."

"I feel like that's what our jail inmates should be doing every single day."

"So, should citizens be mowing the medians on 3132 or replacing the street lights on I-20 or the Cross Lake Bridge?"

For more information about The Great American Cleanup and Shreveport Green and to volunteer for this Saturday's citywide effort, JUST CLICK HERE!

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