I have a friend - okay of a friend of a friend, really - who's just been fired from his fourth straight job. But it's never his fault. The reasons for his dismissals are many, but to him, it's always somebody else.

Then one day, his father, worn out from listening to his son complain about his self imposed lot, looked his son straight in the eye and said, "How many times can the world be wrong?"

Joe Biden...welcome to the world.

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Results from the online polling organization, CIVIQS, spell big problems for the sitting President. Problems of which he and his party seem woefully ignorant. Even after the Democrats recent electoral shellacking in Virginia, Biden and his minions are still blaming racism, or Trump, or (astonishingly) even the media. Anyone but themselves.

How many times can the world be wrong?

So, as the most recent CIVIQS poll shows the President's popularity tanking in virtually every demographic across America, we thought we'd take a close-up look at the numbers from home.

According to CIVIQS, Joe Biden's disapproval rating in Louisiana is at 63%. Not to say that's bad, but Hurricane Ida recently polled at 61. The only good news for the President is that five day ago his disapproval was 64.

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But young people love Joe, right? Nope. In fact, the 18 to 34 demographic dislikes the President the most at 67%! Biden's "strongest" age group is 65+. There his unpopularity is at 57%.

Wait a second! Louisiana is nothing but a bunch of backwoods rednecks with no education to speak of. Of course they'd dislike the man in the Oval Office. Wrong again. In the category of education, the state's college graduates disapprove of Biden and his policies the most at 67%.

Disapproval by gender? Men 70% and women 57. And by race? 72% of Hispanics in Louisiana dislike the President. Whites are at 82. And Blacks in the state? Well, if you were a Democrat and 45% of African-Americans either disapproved of your job performance or had no opinion, how happy would you be?

But here's what may turn out to be the worst news of all. Among independent voters in the state, the Biden disapproval number is a whopping 63%!

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Young. Old. Educated. Not so much schooling. Women. Men. And on and on and on.

How many times can the world be wrong?

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