Putting together the top 5 list of most powerful men in Shreveport Bossier has been the easiest part of this project. Most of the people who helped me select the guys agreed on the top 2. The number 1 man on the list was the unanimous choice of everyone who helped compile our list. 3-5 were a toss up in terms of where they would land on the list.

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    5 (tie)

    Denny Duron

    Pastor Denny Duron leads a congregation at Shreveport Community Church where he preaches to thousands of people each weekend. He also is one of the mentors for hundreds of athletes as he continues to coach the football team at Evangel Christian Academy.

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    5 (tie)

    Larry Brandon

    Bishop Larry Brandon oversees one of the fastest growing congregations in the Shreveport/Bossier City area at Praise Temple Full Gospel Baptist Church. He is a socially active leader and can often be found working in the community for a variety of causes.

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    Robert Adley

    Adley no longer serves in public office, but he is still one of the most powerful men in our region. He served many years in the House and 12 years in the state Senate. He also made a run for Governor in 1995. He is active in the oil and gas business and still has state leaders ears on several key topics, including transportation needs. He now serves as Executive Director, Louisiana Offshore Terminal Authority at the request of the Governor.

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    Greg Tarver

    Tarver has the longest length of service on our list. He served on the Shreveport City Council in the 70's and was elected to the State Senate in 1984. After sitting out for 8 years, he returned to the Senate in 2012. Tarver's family also operates the J. S. Williams Funeral home and insurance companies. Tarver is considered the "go to guy" for political leaders in the African American community.

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    Steve Prator

    Prator served as Chief of Police in Shreveport for nearly 10 years in the 90's. He was appointed to the post by Mayor Hazel Beard from his position as a Sgt. He stepped down to run for Sheriff of Caddo Parish in 1999 and won the job where he has served since 2000. He is active in law enforcement groups across the country and also serves as the Homeland Security boss in our region.

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    James Elrod

    In my month long debate while researching this article, this was the only thing everyone I talked to agreed on. Each person told me Elrod is THE most powerful person in Shreveport Bossier. Elrod is President & CEO of the
    Willis-Knighton Health System brand across the area. Elrod is also actively involved in the local community.He has served on dozens of boards and commissions during his tenure at WK. I did not know this, but Elrod is the longest-tenured hospital administrator in the United States.

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