The electors from Louisiana will get together today in the Senate Chambers in Baton Rouge to cast their ballots for President Donald Trump.

This same process will happen today in states across the country and it could get testy in some states.

But the vote in Louisiana is expected to be pretty straightforward and simple. There is no real debate about which candidate won in our state. Trump was the easy winner over Democrat Joe Biden. Trump got 58% support in Louisiana.

The electors are chosen by political parties from each of its six congressional districts and for two at-large positions. Here are the electors who represent our state:

Erik Skrmetta, 1st Congressional District; Bob Monti, 2nd Congressional District; Ross Little, 3rd Congressional District; Rodney Michael Collier, 4th Congressional District; Kay Kellogg Katz, 5th Congressional District; and Beth A. Billings, 6th Congressional District. Vinson Serio, at large; Woody Jenkins, at large.

If one of these folks can not be there, an alternative elector will assume his/her duties by law.

This group will cast their votes at 11:30am. Click here to watch the proceedings.

Get more electoral college information right here.

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