Even with the recent news that the distribution of the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine is being put on hold, more and more Americans are being vaccinated against the virus every day. The other two available, the dual-shot Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, are now being given to people of all ages in many states across the USA.

So, which states are leading the way in the number of citizens vaccinated. And in conjunction, which of the 50 (or 51, if we count the District of Columbia) are bringing up the rear on the percentage-of-vaccinated list?

Data from the Center for Disease Control, information received from healthcare facilities and public health authorities, is updates daily and reports the total number of Coronavirus vaccines distributed to each state and is matched against the total number vaccinated in those states.

The Becker Hospital Review says that CDC reports show that as of April 22, 282,183,915 vaccine doses had been distributed in the United States and of those, 218,947,643 (almost 78%) had been administered.

Becker goes on to say that another 35,791,031 people had received either the Pfizer or Moderna first dose and are on scedule to get the second. In other words, 40.9 percent of Americans had received at least one dose of the vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) and another 26.9 percent had been fully vaccinated (Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson).

Louisiana, by the way, is neither in the top or bottom five, coming in at #41. We've received a total of 3,569,610 vaccine doses, vaccinating 2,567,587 of Louisianans, a percentage of 71.93.

Here are the top - and bottom - states ranked COVID vaccines distributed and administered, i.e. where in the US are folk lining up to be vaccinated and in which states are people - for whatever reason - resisting. Statistics compiled for the CDC by Becker Hospital Review.

To take a close up, state-by-state look at the Becker numbers, JUST CLICK HERE!

States At the Top and Bottom of COVID Vaccination Numbers




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