Forbes magazine compiled a list of the Best Places To Retire in Each State and you might be surprised by the cities that make the list in Louisiana.

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The survey is based on affordability which includes housing costs and the overall cost of living.

The survey also focuses on quality of life. This includes doctor availability, the serious crimes rate, ranking on the Milken Institute list of best cities for successful aging, air quality and walkability and bikeability. These numbers do not take into account education with the exception of colleges nearby that offer continuing education.

Rank: Best
City: Kenner
Population: 67,000
Median Home Price: $160,000

Cost of living 6% below national average. PROS: Low serious crime rate, good air quality. No state estate/inheritance tax, no state income tax on Social Security earnings, state income tax breaks on pension income. Somewhat walkable. CONS: Low doctors per capita.

Rank: Runner Up
City: Lafayette
Population: 128,000
Median Home Price: $163,000

Lafayette still maintains a relatively diverse economy, despite its main economic strengths lying primarily within the health care and service industries. The city boasts itself as the center of the Cajun culture in Louisiana and the U.S. Lafayette continues to have a strong tourism industry in large part due to the attraction of the Cajun and Creole cultures of the surrounding region.

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