Opening of the planned Amazon plant for north Shreveport has been delayed a couple of times. The latest information from the retail giant says hiring won't begin until about 6 weeks before the plant opens later this year, but will that really happen?

State Leader Says it's Still a Go

Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Don Pierson tells KEEL News Amazon is still moving full steam ahead. He does acknowledge there have been some delays but he thinks the local facility will be open for business later this year. Pierson says he is still optimistic Amazon will get the Shreveport operation open by the end of this year. He says the recent layoffs at Amazon have more to do with the software and management side of the company. He says "the distribution and fulfillment segment are where the rubber meets the road for this corporation. Those trends are not going to change." Pierson says the delays are directly related to supply chain issues over the past year and not related to Amazon cutbacks in other areas. He adds "this is a revenue generator for them and they want to get that going as soon as possible."

How Is Construction at the Amazon Plant Going?

Construction at the fulfillment center is just about complete and now we wait to get an opening date for the facility.  The opening of Amazon’s fulfillment center in Shreveport has been pushed back for at least one year due to supply chain issues.

Photo courtesy of Twin Blends Photography

Photo courtesy of Twin Blends Photography

The current target date for opening is September of this year with hiring expected to start in late summer. But Amazon has been scaling back its expansion across the country. The company also recently announced a layoff of more than 18,000 employees.

But the company is moving forward to open more than 200 new facilities this year.

Here Are the Highest Paying Jobs at a Typical Amazon Plant

Shreveport's Amazon plant is expected to open this fall. What will be the highest paying jobs at the facility?

What Jobs Are Up for Grabs at Shreveport's Amazon Plant?


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