You might be surprised to find out which agencies and/or companies land on the list of the largest employers in the Shreveport Bossier City area.

The North Louisiana Economic Partnership just sent the latest numbers to KEEL News and we find several government agencies on the list including Caddo and Bossier Schools and the City of Shreveport.

What is glaringly missing from this list are the large manufacturers like we have had in the past. Missing are the big companies like General Motors and AT&T that previously employed thousands in our area. You will still find General Dynamics, but their numbers are in the hundreds, not thousands. Gone too are the General Electrics, Libbey Glass and so many more.

The vast majority of these employers fall into 4 categories:

1. Government

2. Military

3. Medical

4. Gambling

Do we have all of our eggs in too few baskets? I would suspect most experts would say yes. This top 10 list represents about 34,000 jobs and of those, 19,000 are in government. 10,000 of the jobs are at two local hospitals. 3,000 of the jobs are at local casinos. For our community to bounce back, we need to work on bringing in more employers with at least a thousand jobs.

If there is trouble in the medical employment front, or at the casinos, our area will feel it hard. I know the experts say those mega manufacturing plants are very hard to come by and we should not hold out hope for those. But we should do everything we can to diversify and bring in new industries.

We will get a new face among these big guys next year when the Amazon Plant opens in north Shreveport, bringing in about 1,000 jobs. But there have been delays and hiring is not expected to start until February.

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