The wrecking ball will soon be swinging at Shreveport's Fairgrounds Field. The city had to wait for bat mating season to end before demolishing the structure. That is now over and the tear down is expected to begin in less than 2 weeks.


How Much Will It Cost to Tear Down Fairgrounds Field?

The total cost of bat removal and demolition will be close to $500,000. There was $1 million dollars in the 2019 bond issue to tear down the ballpark, so it looks like the city might actually save a little money.


Photo Credit: Twin Blends Photography
Photo Credit: Twin Blends Photography

Several local groups have tried to save the stadium....but no one has stepped forward with the money and a plan that would be doable.

What If You Want a Piece of the Old Stadium?

KTAL reports several people have inquired about getting a piece of the property before it is torn down. SPAR officials say the demolition contractor Henderson Construction is handling all of those requests. You can contact them at 318-861-0512.

The stadium was built in 1986 to house the Shreveport Captains, a minor league professional baseball team in the Texas League, and a “farm team” for the San Francisco Giants for more than two decades. The Swamp Dragons and other teams tried to make a go of it at the ballpark, but things were never the same and attendance was dismal. In 2011, the facility was locked up and ultimately condemned. Bats took over the property and made it a home.

KTAL reports Denham Springs-based Perault’s Nuisance Wildlife Control will begin the process of removing the bats on August 22. That work should be complete in a couple of weeks. Then the wrecking ball will move in during the first week of September. The complete demolition must be complete, according to terms of the contract, within 90 days (weather permitting).

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