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Did you know that after a certain amount of time in Louisiana you can wipe out debts? True story! If you're struggling financially right now,  you need to check this out!

Once again, I've been listening to a podcast from Kevin Trudeau called Think Now. It's all about building wealth and eliminating stress which is good for your overall health emotionally and financially and can even help your marriage!

Did you know, that according to, in Louisiana, the statute of limitations for contracts whether oral or written is 10 years?

In Louisiana, we're not known for our good financial health. And read this carefully... just because you've had a certain bill or debt for ten years or more, it doesn't mean that you automatically don't have to pay for it anymore. After all, most mortgages are 30-year loans. However, says, 'Creditors have a limited period of time in which to file suit over an unpaid debt. Each type of debt has a specific time period in which a lawsuit can be filed against someone who owes a debt so that the one who is owed can obtain a judgment. The judgment allows one to pursue assets and wages, and force payment through involuntary means.'

What is a 'Statute of Limitations?' adds that a 'statute of limitations' as referenced above, 'That limited time period is known as the statute of limitations. Once that limitation period passes, and no lawsuit was filed, the debt does not need to be paid by the consumer. As a rule of thumb, a creditor relinquishes its right to file suit and collect a debt that it is owed after this time period has expired."

Is the 'Statute of Limitations' the same for all kinds of debt?

No. The 'statute of limitations' is different with regard to different kinds of debt. says, 'Open accounts, like credit card agreements, have a much shorter statute of limitations period of 3 years as do lawsuits, which are filed but not pursued. Judgments both domestic (in-state) and foreign (out of state) have a limitation period of 10 years and if not the judgment is not renewed within the ten years, it becomes a nullity.'

The good news? Debt relief exists for Louisiana residents. You just have to do the research to make it happen. Don't forget to search websites like and for free money! It's hard out there right now!

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