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First, cooler temperatures on coming. This weekend we're already expecting the lows into the 40's. Hallelujahamen. And with fall finally here, that means Halloween is just around the corner.

Who doesn't have wonderful memories of childhood Halloween trick or treating?  Getting your costume and scouring the neighborhood for free candy.  Of course, there are a few rules parents need to observe these days.  Obviously, and unfortunately, parents need to carefully examine your children's bags when they get home before eating any candy.  Also, parents should make sure your kids stay close to you, and have should have something reflective on their costumes to make sure they are visible to drivers.

But I just learned something I wasn't aware of.  While you're trick or treating with your kids, you might have noticed blue or teal jack-o-lanterns and thought they were just decorative, but there's actually a meaning associated with blue or teal jack-o-lanterns.

What Does a Blue or Teal Jack-o-Lantern Mean?

According to a recent report by Count on News 2, if you see a child carrying a blue or teal colored pumpkin while trick-or-treating, it could mean the child could possibly have special needs or requirements. A blue or teal pumpkin might mean the child is autistic, or might have allergies to certain foods.

So if you're handing out candy this year, keep in mind a blue bucket might mean that the child won't great you with the traditional "Trick or Treat," due to the fact that children diagnosed with autism might have some form of speech impediment.

Halloween should be fun for everyone, and we should all remember to be patient and understanding. Take a little wisdom from Ted Lasso when he quoted Walt Whitman... "Be curious, not judgemental."

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