The K-12 school in Doyline has at least four days to make up after classes were cancelled due to the emergency situation at Camp Minden. Millions of pounds of improperly-stored explosives are being moved there, and residents are under a voluntary evacuation until that work is complete.

Webster Parish Schools Superintendent Steve Dozier says his office is looking at a couple of options for making up missed classroom minutes.

"One of the options would be to add minutes to the daily schedule in the second semester," he says. "Another option would be to seek a waiver from the state for those days."

Dozier says it's still up in the air whether classes will resume tomorrow, but we should know something definite by later this afternoon. Using a so-called "bad weather day" isn't an option for the school.

"We had one bad weather day built into our schedule. We've already had to use that this year, so that's out of the question," he says. Dozier is referring to a day the area had a severe storm threat that turned out to not be as serious as expected.

Dozier also weighs in on the inconvenience the Camp Minden situation has caused: