David Fincher, co-owner of Explo Systems, was found dead over the weekend in Tennessee. Fincher and two other company executives were set to go to trial this week on charges related to the tons of explosives improperly stored at Camp Minden. At this time, no cause of death for Fincher has been released.

According to reports, attorneys met with US district court officials to come up with a plan on how to proceed. At this time, there has been no announcement on if the trial of the two others will take place as scheduled.

Fincher and the two ex-officials were accused of lying to obtain and keep a military contract to “demilitarize” M6 artillery propellant, of storing the propellant unsafely and obstructing inspections at Camp Minden. The trio plead not guilty.

However, several others including the other co-owner David Smith, plead guilty to similar charges. Most of the false statement charges accuse the men of submitting falsified government forms claiming they had sold large amounts of demilitarized M6 to various buyers that did not exist.

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