Thursday night, the Minden Chamber of Commerce hosted a meeting for citizens and officials from ESI to discuss the future of the Burn Chamber at Camp Minden. At this time, the Chamber is scheduled to be dismantled after the complete destruction of M6 propellant at the site.

ESI has made it known that they would like to keep the chamber operational and bring in other explosives for disposal. Some in the area believe that keeping the chamber would be a good thing as it would bring jobs and help a declining economy. Others do not want hazardous materials brought into the community just to make a dollar.

ESI took their time at the meeting to discuss safety. They say that after careful study of their employees and the environment, it's been determined that the chamber poses no risk to the area. They also stated that, so far, the chamber has destroyed over 13 million pounds of explosives without incident.

It was also noted that 1,200 acres of land on Camp Minden are specifically designated for explosive-related work.

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