Let me tell you a heart warming story today. This is the story about a very honest young man. I don't know him, but I want to know him. We all should want to know him.

His name is Dawson and he works at the Subway Restaurant location on Beene Boulevard in Bossier City. You might be wondering where I am going with this story. Did he make an exceptional sandwich for me? Did he stay open late to make sure my bread got toasted? What's the deal? It has nothing to do with food at the the Subway.

One of my dear friends told me the story about her Mom going into the Subway to pick up some sandwiches. But on the way out the door, she dropped them on the floor. As she bent down to pick up the bag of sandwiches, her wallet apparently fell out onto the floor. She didn't notice it and left. She went out to her car and drove the few miles home to share the food with her hubby.

A day or so later she noticed her wallet missing (she has been staying home and not going out too much) and started to retrace her steps. She realized the last place she had the wallet was at the Subway. My friend goes by the business to discover not only did Dawson find the wallet, but he tried to find the owner. He noticed a military ID in the wallet and actually called Barksdale to try to find her. Dawson did everything he could to find the owner. My friend shows up to Subway and he gives her the wallet and then refused a reward!! She had to force him to take some cash for his efforts.

Did I mention the wallet had $300 in cash in it? Yes. All of the cash was still there. Not one penny was missing. I am so proud to know we have young people like this in our community. If you happen to go by the Subway in Bossier (Beene Blvd) leave a nice tip for Dawson. What a true class act!

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