An alert neighbor spotted something fishy going on at his neighbors home in the Lake Bistineau area and he turned on his video camera.
These are some low lives.....they even stole the toilet paper from this home.

Watch as these thieves load up their car with stolen items.

These thieves have now been identified and are locked up but the Sheriff's office wants to know if they are suspected in any other break-ins in that area. This burglary happened in the Port O Bistineau area in Sibley LA.


The suspects claim the homeowner told them they could go in the home and take what they wanted, but the homeowner disputes this claim. The stolen items were found in the car.

The suspects were taken to the Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center. They are identified as 45 year old Brandon, Garsee, 24 year old Russell Waltman, 44 year old Margie Wiltheis, and 19 year old Brittany Pruett. They each face a charge of simple burglary.

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