How would you like to buy a piece of Louisiana restaurant history. The historic French Quarter restaurant K-Paul's closed earlier this year, but now all of the items from the business are being sold online.

Chef Paul Prudhomme was a legend in the New Orleans restaurant scene and owning a piece of this kitchen history would be kind of cool.
The chef died in 2015, but his restaurant remained open until July when it was closed permanently because of the pandemic.

You could grab up a spoon or a skillet that was used by this legendary chef. He became a cooking superstar on TV screens around the world.


In July, K-Paul’s announced it would close permanently after more than 40 years in business. The restaurant initially closed in May because of restrictions put in place to combat the coronavirus pandemic. K-Paul's is not the only Louisiana restaurant to shut its doors and folks in that business expect many others to close in coming months as business continues to fade.


The K Paul's website says “Bring the charm and character of K-Paul’s to your own kitchen with one of our used skillets, pitchers, silverware sets and custom-made bread baskets,” explains the restaurant web site.

You could grab a 16-inch skillet, which might have cooked Prudhomme’s legendary blackened redfish for as little as $70. "Cook your favorite Chef Prudhomme recipes in the same skillets where K-Paul's magic was made," the website suggests.


A bread basket, which likely held K-Paul’s famous jalapeno cheddar yeast rolls, sells for $75, while cooking spoons that may have stirred some of Prudhomme's famous sauces or side dishes, are being offered for $50.


Prudhomme's niece Brenda and executive chef Paul Miller took over the restaurant after Prudhomme's death in 2015 and ran it until it closed this past summer.


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