Shreveport Police, Fire Department, and other various first responders canvassed a large section of downtown Shreveport today in an effort to locate someone who may have been trapped in a drain pipe.

The Shreveport Times reports that witnesses told the Shreveport Fire Department that they heard a voice coming from a drain in downtown Shreveport. Fire Fighters responded with assistance from Shreveport Police, along with the Shreveport Water and Sewage Departments. The crews searched multiple drains and manholes across the downtown area, using personnel and cameras, but were unable to find anyone.

Authorities say the pipes in the area are so small, someone would have had to crawl around inside them. There was no sign of anyone being in the pipes, or moving around in the drains, either.

The initial witnesses said they called out to the voice they thought they heard, and when they said "hello", they heard "hello" called back to them. However, authorities now believe that may have simply been an echo.

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