Being a police officer is a tough gig. They get asked to do a lot of things the average person would never want to deal with. Criminals, tragic situations...I mean it's just a tough, tough job. But, being a police officer in Louisiana is even tougher. On top of dealing with criminals and possibly life threatening situations, you have to deal with extreme heat and some dangerous wildlife. I mean, police in most states don't have to try and detain an angry alligator.

And that brings us to this story in Houma, Louisiana. Officer Donald Aubrey was just working his normal shift on May 26th when he got an abnormal call: a large snake on the loose. And not just any large snake but a 12 foot python. Not exactly your 'routine' service call. As some one says in the video below, "That thing's big, boy!"

But, being a professional that aims to 'serve and protect', Officer Aubrey was able to detain the snake without harming it and turned it over to the Department of Wildlife & Fisheries. While not confirmed, Police suspect that large python escaped from its owner.

Now you may be wondering, "How did Officer Aubrey detain the snake?". Well, the quick answer is very carefully. Some quick wits and a shovel helped too. You can watch the video below. Make sure you have to volume up because some of the commentary is hilarious.

Here's the full statement from the Houma Police Department on the unusual encounter:

As the saying goes, no call for service is routine. Houma Police Officer Donald Aubrey demonstrated this when he responded to a call about a very large snake. With skill and care, Officer Aubrey was able to safely detain the snake without causing harm to the serpent. It is suspected that the large python may have escaped containment from its owner. The Houma Police Department turned over the snake to Wildlife and Fisheries for scientific study.
We commend Officer Aubrey for his quick thinking and professionalism in handling this unusual situation.

I think it's fair to say everyone is happy with the outcome here...except for maybe the snake.

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