Carjackers washout in Shreveport. A couple of would be carjackers picked the wrong man to rob. Michael Davis pulled in to the car wash in West Shreveport to wash his new car, but it turned into a crime scene.

Davis was washing his car at Oasis Car Wash on West 70th Street when a man approached him with a gun. The gunman demanded Davis' keys and money, but Davis refused the guys request and turned the power washer on the thief. He sprayed the guy right in the face. That first guy ran off, but he had an accomplice. The second man also approached Davis, but he turned the soapy suds on bandit number two as well. He sprayed the second guy right in the face too. Both guys ran off. Davis was not hurt and he says it could have been much worse since his disabled Veteran brother was sitting in his car watching the scene unfold.

Davis captured the incident on his dash cam. Davis also beat the guys with the metal hose before they ran from the area. Shreveport police are investigating the incident and trying to track down the suspects.