The DeSoto Parish K-9 program gets a little boost from Dr. Keith Ratcliff who has been a resident of DeSoto Parish for many years.

This release was recently sent out about this generous donation:
Doc has been in the business of taking care of our beloved pets for decades. 
Recently, Dr. Ratcliff took notice that our K-9 Unit and dozens of other deputies were called out on a manhunt in the area of Highway 3015, and this night-long situation concerned Dr. Ratcliff and his staff.  He was confident that EMS was capable of taking care of our deputies, but wondered if our deputies were capable of attending to the medical needs of our K-9's.  Phone calls were made and a meeting was planned.  So, on August 14, 2019, Ratcliff Animal Hospital out of Shreveport, La, stopped by the DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Office to pay our K-9 deputies a very special visit.
Dr. Ratcliff, his staff, along with our K-9's, Sheriff Richardson, and our K-9 handlers, sat down to discuss how to properly apply aid to a K-9 in varying situations.  Two large bags were provided and filled with medical supplies donated from Ratcliff Animal Hospital.  Dr. Ratcliff took time to answer questions and train our deputies how to stop bleeding, treat exhaustion, start an IV, wrap and set an injury, and check temperature on a K-9, among many other topics.  The bags came equipped with everything our deputies would need to ensure the safety of our K-9's, plus more.  We are encouraged and grateful that Dr. Ratcliff and his staff took the time, carefully putting together their own money and resources, to care for our deputies and plan such a visit.  Sheriff Richardson would like to personally thank Ratcliff Animal Hospital for their dedicated service and care to the citizens, including our furry friends, of DeSoto Parish.

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