Thursday is Veteran's Day and I want to encourage everyone in Shreveport Bossier to say thanks to someone who has served to protect our country. I am the proud Mother of 2 sons who have served (one is still serving) and I know how many sacrifices our military members make.

My Father was also a Marine, serving during WWII and seeing action in the Pacific theater. He fought in Okinawa and was awarded the Bronze Star for his bravery.

But there are thousands who have served all around our region. They put our country and our freedoms first. These men and women took an oath knowing they might give up their lives for us. That's a big statement. They are willing to die for us. Many do get put in harms way and do have to face death every day. I really can not come to grips with that. Many of them have had to kill others. That is a concept so foreign to me.

But I am thrilled to know we still have young men and women who are willing to step up and lay if all on the line for all of us. Veteran's Day is one day when we can stop and say thanks.

I hope if you see a Veteran this week, you will thank them for their service, pick up their tab for a meal or a cup of coffee. We owe them all so much. They will feel the love from several restaurants that will offer special deals on Veteran's Day.

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