A recent report by the magazine U.S. News and World Report ranks Louisiana as the worst place to live in America...again!

Describing the study as "using thousands of data points to measure how well states are performing for their citizens," Louisiana ranked better than 44th in only one of eight major categories. From usnews.com:

"We’re No. 50, as—once again—U.S. News & World Report declared Louisiana as the worst state in America, based on its rankings comparing health care, education, infrastructure and other aspects of day-to-day life across the country.'

The state ranked lowest (50th) in the “opportunity” category, which measures poverty, housing affordability and equality.'

And just when you think this might be a bit of an editorial overreach, their statistics make it worse:

"Louisiana’s poverty rate in 2016 was nearly 20 percent, well above the national rate of 15.1 percent. Likewise, the median household income of $45,146 was below the national average of $57,617.'

"About 85 percent of Louisianians over 25 years old graduated from high school, but only approximately 23 percent hold at least a bachelor’s degree."

Here’s how our state ranked in each of the major categories:

  • Health care, 47th
  •  Education, 49th
  •  Economy, 44th
  •  Opportunity,  50th
  • Infrastructure, 44th
  • Crime & Corrections, 48th
  • Fiscal Stability, 48th
  • Quality of Life, 42nd

To see the entire U.S. News & World Report study, specifically the findings pertaining to Louisiana, JUST CLICK HERE!

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