The Shreveport City Council has voted 7-0 to bring Uber and other ride sharing companies to town.

Uber serves as an alternative to a traditional taxi cab ride in nearly every major city in America, but we've been waiting for it in Shreveport.
Uber is an online app that connects riders and drivers in a specific area.

Shreveport Chief Administrative Officer Brian Crawford tweeted this just after the Council passed the measure:

Uber users like the convenience of ordering a ride at a certain time and knowing it will be there when needed. New Orleans, Lafayette and Baton Rouge already have Uber and now Shreveport will be added to that list.

The ordinance, as passed, will create a new section on how transportation companies must run in the city. Councilman Michael Corbin tells KEEL News "residents have been calling Council members for months asking for Uber and I think this will be a good thing for our city."

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