No one knows when things will get back to normal, but we can hope it will happen by this summer and we can get back to traveling and enjoying time with friends.

We hope the world will be back to normal by this fall and we can get back to our regular lives and enjoy Halloween. That has me thinking what will be the top Halloween costumes this year. Of course, the Tiger King, Joe Exotic will be the biggest seller. Anyone else related to that show will likely be huge. Carol Baskin will be a big seller too. Expect to see lots of blond mullets running around town.

What else will be hot for Halloween this year? I can imagine lots of quarantinis, lots of social distancing rings around people and I'm sure face masks will be big. But this has me wondering if wearing a costume having anything to do with Coronavirus will be ok or will it be in poor taste? Will October 31st be too soon to be joking or making fun of this virus.

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