SHREVEPORT, LA - These hot summer days might have you looking for a nice refreshing glass of iced tea or lemonade. But if you are thinking about a more grownup beverage, we have a few great choices.

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What's the Favorite Cocktail in Louisiana?

I was quite surprised to find out what the top cocktail in Louisiana is. According to Yumly, in Arkansas, a frozen Mimosa is the favorite drink. A White Russian is the top adult beverage in Texas. The report says a Satsuma Old Fashioned is the winner in Louisiana. But says the Tom Collins in the most popular cocktail in Louisiana. Texas drinkers put the Mojito at the top while Arkansas' favorite drink is also the Tom Collins. So all of these reports have a different drink for each state, so I'm not sure I buy these reports. I know Margarita is big in Louisiana, but we also love a great Hurricane drink.

Eatthisnotthat says the Daiquiri is the favorite drink in Louisiana, while the Margarita is the leader in Texas and the Mojito is the winner in Arkansas.

What Are the Most Popular in the Nation?

Mojitos are the most popular cocktail in the country. They lead the pack in at least 8 states. While the 2nd most popular is the Tom Collins. I think this has more to do with online searches because people are looking for the recipes for these drinks. That probably has more to do with the popularity than anything else.

Below you will find some videos on how to make some of these great drinks.




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